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Love and passion for knitwear, grown in the family, push Gaetano ballico in 1975 to create his company.
The Gittoria knitwear company starts a long way that use 30 years of artigianal know how in the market with the constant search of new model and precious wool use, for the finest quality and upper class production.
The same passion that many years erlier involved in wool world the father, has been transmitted to his sons and since some years the experience of Ballico Gaetano, has summed with creative apport of his son Andrea and the amministrative collaboration of his daughter Pierangela.
The productive ability of the employed, the work quality, the creativity with the production flexibility can answer puntually to exigences of our customers: selected shops wher is it possible to find our products in constnt contact with our agents.



Maglificio Gittoria srl
36010 - Zanè (Vicenza)- via Ferrarin 70
Tel. (++39) 0445 362133 - Fax (++39) 0445 362133
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